About me

Soma Surovi Jannat

Visual Artist from Dhaka, Bangladesh

Soma Surovi Jannat

I am Soma Surovi Jannat (b. 1990), an artist from Dhaka, Bangladesh.

My work is about how we can cultivate our senses through the relationship with nature. In my work, I try to create a multi-dimensional space with drawings/ herbs/ organic materials, where viewers have the opportunity to enhance their visual perception and senses through interaction with the artwork. My body of work includes Drawing, Installation, Collaboration, Eco-art, and Paintings.

Dhaka is the most crowded city in the world and we don’t have enough space to live, so I abandon the idea of monotonous studio space in 2016 when I completed my MFA degree and started to work in open spaces. I traveled to different villages in Bangladesh and India like - tribal village (Santhal) in Santiniketan, my hometown Lalmonirhat, etc. Talking to locals from different communities than mine and spending time with them enables me to understand how they live and relate to nature. My experience and understanding regarding nature, the way of living of different communities, their thoughts; all act as inspiration, resource, and medium of my works.